O’Reilly associa a xml.com un sito specializzato in web service.
Lo spassionato Rich Salz è una delle firme interessanti.

This week I’m pleased to announce the launch of a sister site to XML.com, WebServices.XML.com. We want to give more room to the exploration and coverage of web services, and move outside the scope of purely XML-related matters. WebServices.XML.com has the brief of examining the infrastructure, application, and fun of web services. As with XML.com, we’ll bring our independent voice to the area, and seek out innovation and controversy as well as mainstream topics.

Autore: cosmic53

I have been into compilers and device drivers in the 80's, I have helped building the public Internet in Italy in the 90's. I have always loved programming languages and languages in general, writing about . Now I am into mobile apps. I am also a trained musician with a degree in jazz music. I play guitar, bass and flute.


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