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Finalmente qualcuno fa un web service dimostrativo che ha qualche rilevanza scientifica come un servizio per l’interrogazione di una banca dati che cataloga articoli pubblicati da ricercatori e la possibilità di interrogare un database di sequenze di nucleotidi.

IBM alphaWorks release package that includes a collection of examples of Web services for life sciences; PubMed (Web service queries a database at the National Center for Biotechnology Information to look for articles related to scientific research), GenBank (Web service queries a database and returns the nucleotide sequence for each accession number submitted), BLAST (Web service conducts a sequence alignment analysis for each input sequence).


Autore: cosmic53

I have been into compilers and device drivers in the 80's, I have helped building the public Internet in Italy in the 90's. I have always loved programming languages and languages in general, writing about . Now I am into mobile apps. I am also a trained musician with a degree in jazz music. I play guitar, bass and flute.


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