Van Der Graaf Generator – Pawn Hearts

Head Heritage | Unsung | Album of the Month | Van Der Graaf Generator – Pawn Hearts
Che il progressive possa dare alla testa è dimostrato con chiarezza da questo simpatico pezzo di letteratura popolare.
First time I ever heard PAWN HEARTS was in a shitty Torquay hotel where I was working in summer 1972. I was drunk on QC sherry and freaking out an 18-year-old girl called Karen, who was acid tripping and convinced that I was bringing her down. I was 15 and didn?t know what that meant, but the music was such a cack-off cacophony that I had to inform her ?It ain?t me, babe!? It was the first time I?d thought what a racket progressive rock could be. Yet I already knew Faust and early Magma, so this lot (British too, so they shoulda known better) were surely just trying to be cantankerous. How I adored this record. However, thirty-one years and a coupla hundred spins later, I?m still genuinely disorientated by this extremely everything LP, and even more in Shock?n?awe of Peter Hammill than I was all those ye-hars ago. For one thing, I now know the technology he had at his group?s disposal and STILL it sound fucking well weird. Dear me, Pete, you were on the famous Charisma label with good old Lindisfarne and Genesis and the Nice and Audience – couldn?t you have tried a bit harder to fit in?


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