Java Tech: Acquire Images with TWAIN and SANE, Part 3 Java Tech: Acquire Images with TWAIN and SANE, Part 3: Una libreria per la scansioe di immagini più semplice da usare di TWAIN, con esempi di codice in Java e riferimenti alle librerie. Può essere interessante per il prossimo progetto di scansione.
“Java doesn’t provide a standard API for acquiring images from digital cameras, scanners, and other image-acquisition devices. This omission has inspired this three-part Java Tech series that explores the TWAIN and SANE image-acquisition specifications, and how to make use of those specifications in a Java context. The previous two articles in this series–the first introducing TWAIN and providing a simple TWAIN library and Java application that demonstrates that library, the second on improving on the library and demo application–focused on the TWAIN specification from a Microsoft Windows perspective, because TWAIN’s origin lies in the Windows world. In contrast, this article largely moves away from TWAIN (and Windows), by focusing on the Unix-based SANE image-acquisition specification.”

Autore: cosmic53

I have been into compilers and device drivers in the 80's, I have helped building the public Internet in Italy in the 90's. I have always loved programming languages and languages in general, writing about . Now I am into mobile apps. I am also a trained musician with a degree in jazz music. I play guitar, bass and flute.


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