Microsoft e Open Source

Un’analisi più approfondita delle aperture di Microsoft all’open source e come, in effetti ha beneficato un progetto.
Microsoft began pushing the idea of “shared source” a few years ago as a way to talk about source code sharing exercises they continue to develop in the face of open source software practices. The idea holds the premise that they will share the source code of their software appropriately with appropriate audiences.
Il progetto che Microsoft ha condotto con successo come open source è un installer per Windows WiX.

Autore: cosmic53

I have been into compilers and device drivers in the 80's, I have helped building the public Internet in Italy in the 90's. I have always loved programming languages and languages in general, writing about . Now I am into mobile apps. I am also a trained musician with a degree in jazz music. I play guitar, bass and flute.


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